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Dee-Brief Brings The Latest Topics in EDM News

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Dee-brief gives us all the EDM news this past week in one post. Before I get into this week, I want to first give a shout out to Magnetic for three years of going strong. Cray. It’s a pleasure to grow with an innovative group. Oh and pics please!

This calls for a celebration with these two podcasts that have been playing through out the day.


Evening chill down:

OK, so now on to the news! The big story this past week for us was Vinai, an EDM duo out of Italy who have made some waves in the big room sound. Thanks to a reader tip, we discovered that "Raveology" featuring DVBBS and "Bounce Generation" featuring TJR sound a lot the same- almost like the same song. Come on people, where is the originality!?

Now on to David Guetta, has recently gotten some nice and not so nice media coverage in the last month. I'm not sure where exactly to place this one, but ZZ Top has announced a project with Guetta on at least ten tracks. We hear that ZZ's Guitarist Billy Gibbons got curious about the dance music trend and met up with Guetta in Ibiza. Not a bad place to start a project. Well maybe, cause Ibiza is changing, or so we hear...

You all know Café del Mar right? The 'quaint' sunset bar on the quiet side of the island where people would go to watch day turn to night. But I wonder if such iconic locations such as this will be shut down. Why? Well, this article on thinks that with this electronic music trend (as they say), Ibiza might be getting unaffordable.

Ibiza was once a remote, magical island that elite music lovers/DJs made their mecca.  It was a "tastemaker", said Steve Angello in the article. But today, it looks like things have changed.  It appears that Ibiza has turned into a new haven for TMZ-style spottings and fights (i.e. Beebs vs. Orlando Bloom and oh yea, Paris Hilton). Is the once vibrant hotspot now a commercial junkyard? I hope not, as I don't want spots like Cafe Del Mar to become a figment of the imagination for future generations of EDM lovers. I guess on YouTube it will always live...

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In the spirit of music, I'm going to close with Ten Top tracks I am in love with, modern cuts that are still reflective of the true vibe of the Ibiza.

Patrick Topping – Forget

Oliver $ & Jimi Jules – Pushing On

Emeli Sande – Read All About It (Stefan Biniak Remix)

In the ebb and flow of dance music, keep up with Dee-Brief, as things change at the drop of a dime. Check out last week!

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