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Dee-Brief: The Weekly Rundown Of EDM News

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Dee-Brief brings the rundown in EDM

Dee-Brief brings the rundown in EDM newlast week, starting with Electric Zoo and their new drug security changes. Mike Bindra and Laura de Palma are gearing up for the Labor Day weekend as EZ 2014 rolls out another year. Will their safety plan, #ComeToLife be enough for a music festival’s fight against drug deaths?

Festival season is hardly over and so is loosing your friends in a large crowd full of people. So 20 Tips to Finding Lost Friends was a big hit since, everyone has been there at least once.

Dee-Brief brings the rundown in EDM
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Just when clubs can’t avoid the scrutiny, a "silent disco" club got the ax on their permit renewal for being too loud. The partygoers in Salzburg already wear headphones to hear the music, so how this could be a noise ordinance is beyond me. Who called the police, the three blind mice?

Dee-brief has the rundown in EDM

Yep, the #ALSicebucketchallenge has done well for itself. Even though deadmau5 didn't shoot a video of the ice-cold challenge, he still donated to ALS. The social media campaign swirled through the EDM industry. Be sure to check out a few of our favorites. Will there be another cause related social media that will follow? Probably.
Forbes unveiled 2014's highest paid DJs and Calvin Harris tops it off again with by adding another $20 million to his pockets. Talk about a nice pay raise!

Attention producers if you want to get your remix on, here’s your chance: Magnetic & Mosaics Remix Competition of 'Glam' this is a fantastic opportunity to let your talent be known for all to see. Also make sure you don't use the same "formula” like Martin Garrix, so we heard.
As always in the ebb and flow of dance music, the time has come to an end, for now. Make sure you read last week's Dee-Brief to stay up-to-date in EDM news.
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