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Dee-Brief with the latest in EDM News- This Week Was All About Kandi

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Dee-brief comes in with the latest EDM news--the number one topic last week happened to be the debate whether “Kandi” is a cause of drug usage at EDM events.   Diplo took to Twitter outlawing  the jewelery from his Mad Decent Block events, and Gary Richards at HARD had already done so. . On the flipside, Insomniac owner, Pasquale defended the kids and said banning Kandi wouldn’t prevent drug use or change anything .  I guess it's let them eat kandi  wear what they will, as he deems it part of the culture. I see both sides commentary but the fact is that fashion statement, at least here on the East Coast, seems to be pretty extinct and should be outlawed period, whether they are wearing it as an accessory or an undercover ploy. I am curious to see what Pasquale's plans are on making his events safer.

Another big spotlight was Baltimore Sun's letter from a mother who lost her daughter to MDMA at Echostage last year. That pulled in a lot of attention from organizations like EMA, who recently started a Harm Reduction Coalition after UMF's troubles in April of this year. You can find all the organizations that are involved and are proactive on promoting safer EDM events there.



Shelley Goldsmith and her mother, Deirdre.

Back to bans- there's a new one on EDM events at a venue in Chi-Town.

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"TheCongress, which has been shut down since losing its liquor license last year, has faced opposition from the neighbors over EDM shows and the crowds they generated. Interestingly enough the city of Chicago has put their own definition and exception to the rule for “EDM” which clearly states that , “Performers that incorporate electronic beats or prerecorded music in their acts shall be allowed, provided those performers either sing vocals or play an instrument(s) (or do both) during their performance."

So I guess that would mean groups like Disclosure, Neon Trees, Lykke Li, ok who am I kidding? Any current , popular musician that hops on the EDM train, which we know everyone has and/or has tried. This leaves the future and definition of dance music a little short of 50 shades of grey.


Here’s a prime example of “Everyone Can’t but Wants to be a DJ” Here's a prime example of "Everybody Can't but Wants to Be a DJ", surprisingly even though Lykke Li features Kanye in an EDM crossover, his DJ, Mano fails.

And the reports are in! SFX is thriving hard, we can't wait to see what they do this fall with Electric Zoo and Tomorrowland.

In the ebb and flow of dance music, there’s always something. If you missed last week’s check it here.

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