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Diplo Bans Kandi At Mad Decent Block Parties

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Diplo Bans Kandi At Mad Decent Block Parties

Diplo Bans Kandi At Mad Decent Block Parties

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The Mad Decent Block Party was the latest EDM event to be hit with drug overdose deaths, as a 17 year old and a 20 year old died at the show in Washington D.C. on August 2nd.

As a precautionary step, Mad Decent, a record label and the main event organizer have banned kandi, a homemade jewelery that is popular at electronic music events, at all future Block Party events.  The tweet above was written by Diplo, Mad Decent's founder and owner.

'Kandi Kids', as the wearers are often described, make bracelets with different color beads and usually names of their favorite artists.  Often times, kandi is traded at shows between fans, with the expressed intent of sharing a bond through music, making new friends.

However, kandi culture also has a darker side, as dealers would wear the beads to signify they were selling drugs.  Also, some use the guise of kandi to smuggle ecstasy pills past security, as at first glance they can look like beads.

Officials at MCU Park, the New York venue and first to be impacted by the ban, state they had nothing to do with the decision and the show's promoter had arranged for the increased measures.

The Mad Decent Block Party began Saturday July 26th and goes through September 20th.

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