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Did DVBBS, TJR and Vinai Release The Same Track Three Times Under Different Names?

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Did DVBBS, TJR and Vinai Release The Same Track Three Times Under Different Names?

This morning on our Facebook page we posted a video from user Krunk who caught a strikingly similar few bars between DVBBS’ “We Were Young” and Borgore’s “Wild Out” featuring Waka Flocka Flame. Amidst the usual internet comments agreeing how EDM is sounding the same, one of our readers named Gabriel posted the following YouTube clip that first surfaced back in May:

The clip shows DVBBS and Vinai’s “Raveology” playing at the same time as TJR & Vinai’s “Bounce Generation”.  Aside from the vocal samples and a couple of tweaks here and there, the songs sound very similar. This isn’t the similarity you might hear in a remix- at the most this is a re-edit with slightly different synths and a faster tempo. Yet the songs have different collaborators and titles. What’s even more suspicious is they are both on the same label – Spinnin’ Records.

Here are clips of the original songs off of Spinnin’ Records’ YouTube Channel:

DVBBS & VINAI - Raveology (Official Video)

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TJR & VINAI - Bounce Generation (Original Mix)

After poking around a bit more, I noticed Vinai’s “Hands Up” (Released on Time Records) kept coming up in the comment threads of these posts.  Take a listen:

If you look at the dates of release, “Hands Up” was released in June 21st 2013, “Raveology” January 13th, 2014, and “Bounce Generation” May 5th, 2014. So every 6th months or so it looks like  Vinai has added a different collaborator, made a few small changes, and repackaged it. The last two times this has happened on Spinnin’ Records.

This is testament to how bad the “Carbon Cookie” mentality has become. This is no longer some wannabe superstar bedroom producer copying popular sounds.  Now, we essentially have proof that major EDM labels and artists are not only condoning shady practices, they are putting their name on it and selling it to their fans.

Say what you will about deadmau5, but he called it, dude:

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