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New Dyro single WOLV kicks off new label

Dyro - WOLV (New single and label)

WOLV001. Is this the first sign of new era? Dyro’s upcoming single “WOLV” kicks off the launch of his new label by the same name August 11th which promises “loads of new Dyro music". “It’s time to start a new chapter” the young Dutch producer has noted to his 700,000 Facebook followers.

The track takes a moment to gear up, but with a few kicks, it delivers a crushing blow of industrial electro. Synths shriek as if terrified by the monstrosity of it all and send a rush of adrenaline piercing through the drop. This is precision-cut, mechanically-engineered electro, though Dyro does add a touch of humanity with a subtle instrumental melody.

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If the title track is any indication, Dyro’s debut label by the same name signals the arrival of perhaps the new face of electro. One that is already well known and still rising. Dyro’s WOLV will is pure power. Stream the new, upcoming single below.

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