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Erick Morillo Throws Shade On "Pop Star" DJs

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Erick Morillo Throws Shade On "Pop Star" DJs

In a recent interview with the New York Daily News, house music Erick Morillo DJ had some challenging words for DJs and EDM culture in general.

On ghost producing:   "A lot of these guys aren’t even making their own hit records. It is what it is. This industry has become what it has become, (especially) if you look across the board, not just at dance music.”

On pre-recorded sets:

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“Back in the early 1990s everybody would take the p— out of people who didn’t mix and it’d be a train wreck... I couldn’t believe people were getting away with it — it was like murder.  When computers came online and people found out people weren’t mixing there was uproar, and outed.  But now that hasn’t happened. People don’t seem to care.”

On Calvin Harris:

“You go and look at a Calvin show, where he plays all his own records. He is just standing up there kind of doing nothing. It would be great if he put a bit little more oomph into it.”

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