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[Exclusive] Cole Plante Reveals His Top 10 Favorite Tracks & Hypes The Crowd For Tramps Like Us!

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Cole Plante. You've heard him on just about every podcast out there this year, you've seen his name soaring up the beatport charts and you've likely seen his name gracing the flyers of festivals throughout the summer. But we wanted to get you up close and personal with this seventeen year old producing machine. Based in Southern California, Cole has already accomplished more in his professional life than most of Forbes' highest paid DJ's. Ambition is not just a word in this guys' dictionary, it's a lifestyle. He's on a mission to bring you to your feet and put you back on your knees... all in the name of music. Intrigued? Read on.

Catch Cole at San Diego's Tramps Like Us 2-day Labor Day festival this weekend!! Tickets are still available - CLICK HERE to secure yours!

We're very excited to see what you have in store for this weekend's Tramps Like Usin San Diego! Give us an idea of how you prepare for your gigs. Pre-performance rituals, set up, etc?Picking out music is a combination of going through promos that are sent from other producer / DJ friends of mine, checking out new releases on Beatport & blog sites and combining them with my new originals, custom edits or mash-ups. I always tend to eat at a steakhouse before show.

A good steak is the secret to a great set then? We support it. Being just 17, you have so much to offer the EDM community... a fresh outlook, unique sounds, creativity, etc. That being said, what are some lessons you've learned so far in your career?
Everyone is connected one way or another so it's great to have a network of friends that consist of promoters, agents & fans to keep your name out there and be humble with any success you might have. Never be late to a gig and be mindful of the other DJ's and their set-times. Trust your instincts but be open to criticism when it's something that can help with what you're doing.

Solid advice. You have had such a successful year with "Lie To Me," "If I Fall" and "Before I'm Yours" – what’s next? Album? EP? Your fans are begging for more!
I'm finishing my E.P. which will have a couple retro 90's tracks called "Take Me Down" & "Frozen In Time" that I finished about 5 months ago using some vintage analog gear to give it authenticity -- but I've been waiting for the 2 follow-ups which will feature Sydney Sierota of Echosmith on vocals called "100 Years From Now" & "Til The Stars Burn Out" with Bea Miller. Four of my favorite tracks I've worked on all year and can't wait until they release this Fall. Also... I've been working on a couple film trailer remixes, so that's been really exciting.

You sound like one of the busiest seventeen year old's I've ever met!! So what are you most looking forward to at Tramps Like Us this weekend?
A couple summers ago, I was on this tour called IDentity Festival with Eric Prydz, Hardwell, Le Castle Vania, Porter Robinson, Bingo Players, Arty & Audrey Napoleon who are all L.E.D. alumni and I remember the San Diego crowd was just amazingly INSANE! So ever since then SD's been one of my favorite cities in the world to play at and the L.E.D. crew are just the coolest and most supportive guys I've known since the first time I ever played for them.

Awesome! Glad to hear you've found a home here! You were recently included in Billboard's Dance Music Generation List – 10 Young EDM Stars To Watch, what is included in the bigger picture for you? Meaning... in what way do you see your music evolving, your artistic direction taking off, and where do you see yourself in the future?
I've had a great chance to work with film composers such as Joe Trapanese, John Swihart & Alex Wurman and I plan to continue to pursue that and eventually would love to score my own features. Also, I'm a huge gamer so working with companies like EA, Machinima, Disney Interactive & Harmonix really has allowed me to combine both passions of gaming and producing into one. For years I've been planning to do a proper live PA and now I have a great foundation to build that off of with all the different music partners I've been working with.

Wow!!! Those are some serious accomplishments. Can you give any advice to young producers and DJ's out there?
Like any great athlete or professional in any field, live, breathe & love what you're doing. Always be willing to learn, always be willing to fail and always be persistent and consistent in what you do because the first impression can sometimes be your last.

Awesome. Moving on to your awesome Tramps Like Us playlist... What was your thought process behind it? How did it come to life?
Music. It's always been about the music and the way you connect with the different types of fans out there at the shows. That's what I love about L.E.D. They crossbreed all the different types of producers into one night and put them all on the same stage so that way fans can get a full experience without having to go to many different stages.

Couldn't agree more! Just out of curiosity... Who is your favorite superhero?
Batman. He's a normal guy that lives with different torments like most people and is at no means perfect. He's loyal, respectful & works hard.

YES!!! Batnation!!! Anything you want to shout out to your fans?
Yes -- THANK YOU for the incredible & unconditional support I've been given by each & everyone of you that follow not only my music but my everyday life. I get to connect with so many of you at the shows or via socials and it is always a great experience meeting you in person.


1. Steve Angello - Wasted Love (Maor Levi X Kevin Wild X Helix High Remix).Stay tuned for this UNRELEASED track!!
Massive tune that I just started playing this and will premiere it at TLU!

2. Cole Plante Feat. Brian Logan Dales + Brix - "Before I'm Yours". My new track that I've been playing all summer long and has been going down great each time.

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3. Oliver Heldens - "Koala". It's a perfect blend of a club meets festival track with his signature bouncy bassline & synth lead.

4. Calvin Harris - "C.U.B.A.". This is more of Calvin's club banger stuff that just goes big every time with it's Sitar-esque lead.

5. Duke Dumont - "I Got U" (W&W Remix). Love that they kept the original vibe & still kept it big during the drop with the piano / super saw stabs.

6. Don Diablo - "Anytime". This is one of those tracks that works perfect both during a build of a set but also during peak time.

7. Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS Feat. Aleesia - "Gold Skies". The perfect summertime feel good anthem.

8. Iggy Azalea Feat. Charlie XCX - "Fancy" (GTA Remix). Been dropping this in my sets for awhile now and is a nice switch up mid set.

9. Arston - "Star Warz" (Swanky Tunes Edit). Just picked this up recently and Swanky Tunes always delivers big tracks for festivals.

10. Cole Plante With Myon & Shane 54 - "If I Fall." This is my follow-up to "Lie To Me" with MS54 and I've been ending my sets with it. So great to see everyone singing along at the shows.

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