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Exclusive Premiere: Savant - Laser Sharks [Section Z]

Savant Laser Sharks

I can pretty easily, and with confidence, say that you haven't heard anything like this from an EDM producer before. You just haven't. It doesn't fit within any current genre definition. In fact, nothing from Savant's forthcoming album Protos fits an existing genre. There is too much emphasis these days on "Oh my god! I can't tell if this is garage, deep house, future bass, or trap!" I'll admit that I'm guilty of it, too.

But that's part of the reason why Protos is so refreshing. Listening to the album, there was no urge to try and classify anything. It was probably the purest experience of listening to an EDM release that I've had in months. This track that we're so proudly premiering is 'Laser Sharks' and as the name might suggest, it's quite insane and not at all worth taking seriously. Everything on Protos sounds like it could have been taken out of a shitty '80s cartoon and it's absolutely glorious.

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Savant did all of the vocals on this album. All of them - the English, the female, the Japanese - all of them. There's a great deal of Japanese influence on this album, much like Porter Robinson's album. The difference between the two is that Porter went the artistic route, while Savant said, "Fuck it, I'm going to find the most outlandish shit out there and make it work."

Listen to 'Laser Sharks' below and prepare yourself for the full album release this Friday, August 8th.

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