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Free Download: Reid Speed & Annalyze "Lez Twerk Vol.II" -- File Under Baddest Bitch Anthems

Lez Twerk Vol II

Last year we brought you Lez TwerkVol. 1 by two of the industry's most profoundly hot females -- Reid Speed and DJ Annalyze. Ya'll twerked until ya had nothing left to twerk. Oh, you had that mix on repeat too? Who needs the club when you have a badass booty-goddess soundtrack?

After a much needed break from all that bouncin' the girls are back with Lez Twerk Vol. 2 -- and it's fucking perfect. From start to finish, Lez Twerk sweeps any kind of Diplo-ish "drops" off the table and replaces it with some real bounce beats, nasty lyrics and musical nostalgia fervent enough to shake Queen Freedia at her core. Annalyze's hip-hop roots and keen talent for turntablism in combination with Reid Speed's bass goddess inner-workings put this hour mix at the top of the charts.

Part One, Mixed by Reid Speed takes original tracks from the likes of Ludacris, Tyga, Drake, Cee Lo, Caked Up, Swaggerlock and many more -- twists them into a funky, back breaking combination of trap-hop samples with perfectly cued vocal breaks. Think you have what it takes to keep up with the Play Me Records founder? Find out...

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Part Two, Mixed by Annalyze continues the beat-rockin pace at 100 with a little help from Major Lazer, TI, Iggy Azalea, Hot Damage, DJ Sub Zero, Mace, Jeremiah and even more... How we do explain this sensational amalgamation of tunes? Umm... Well, it's kind of like 50 shades of genre intercourse. Don't believe us? Decide for yourself! Check out the full mix with FREE download below!

Free Download? Hell Yeah!

Miss the first mix? Shame on you. Lucky for you, we have it HERE.

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