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The FreshLIST 008: New Electronic Music You’ve Never Heard [YouTube]


Magnetic Magazine's FreshLIST has been sourced from the digital ether and curated into a weekly video series for your listening pleasure. With the FreshLIST, you’ll find the five latest highlights uploaded to our YouTube channel: the selection is diverse, the quality is high, and the music is certified fresh.

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Abu Ashley - Nado Heights

Habibi House is very much in the house! Abu Ashley works up another fresh tune that has a unique style and flavor.

Night Safari - Night Sheerhan

Night Safari remixes Ed Sheerhan the only way he knows how, absolutely brilliantly.

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CWS - Untitled 1

This one is a little bit on the darker side, but it is some strong techno. Be careful with this tune, it is pretty damn hot, and you better know what you are doing when you handle this one.

International Peoples Gang - Saffron (Coyote Low Spirits Dub)

Anytime you can give a solid original a dub rework, you should definitely do it. This Coyote Low Spirits Dub is everything a good song should be.

Kerem Akdag - How You Feelin

The question asked is clearly answered by the end of the song… After listening to this one, we all know you are feeling great.

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