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JBL E40BT is My New Favorite Wireless Accessory


The JBL E40BT is easiest explained as this, my new favorite accessory! Stylish, comfortable and clear, crisp sound quality. It is the best $99.99 you can spend on a consumer high end headphone.

The sound quality is clear, robust, and good at most perceptible volumes. It is well above the quality of earbud headphones, but it does not compare to studio headphones. This is definitely bordering on prosumer quality however, so you will get your money’s worth in the quality of sound department.

This is by far the best bluetooth device I have ever owned. The ease with which the bluetooth connects is ideal and stress free. This device feels like the full realization of bluetooth technology where it’s as easy as clicking a button, and you are ready to roll. Also, the freedom from wires is simply delicious, you are unbound and unbridled, and it feels like chains have been broken! The future truly is here.

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The battery life is good. I put this to the test and fully charged it once and used it vigorously for my commute and while working on my computer in leisure time. Effectively I got about 2 weeks of solid use out of it. It was easy to recharge, and like charging your phone over night, it was not a problem at all.

The design is best described by these two adjectives: sleek and comfortable. For those who enjoy larger over the ear headphones, you will enjoy the JBL E40BT. Although they do press down on your ears a bit, the snug fit is nice and the pads are quite soft. I am not too sure about the remote options on the actual left headphone exterior, but that is not functionality I would use as I prefer my phone or computer for manipulating those sorts of things. Oh and quick note, it’s also good for phone calls!

Overall, I love the JBL E40BT. Its is perfect for my commute and basic consumer needs, great with my laptop and cell phone.

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