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Jellybean Benitez: "A Lot of EDM Is Lacking Passion"

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Jellybean Benitez: "A Lot of EDM Is Lacking Passion"

Iconic record producer, remixer, and DJ Jellybean Benitez shared his thoughts on modern EDM in a recent interview with the Miami New Times. In the article he says:

I grew up listening to soul music, and a lot of EDM music, I believe, is lacking that passion. It is not to say it is bad, because every artist is entitled to express themselves, and music is a medium to express yourself, and there is obviously an audience for EDM."

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Additionally, Benitez believes that "Nightlife and the dance music scene have changed dramatically. However, the foundations exist, people are allowed to go on the dance floor, get lost in the music and forget their troubles."

Benitez has an extensive dance music discography- producing and remixing for the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and the Pointer Sisters. He currently hosts the Studio 54 radio show on Sirius XM. He describes it music that is programmed from his extensive music library and music that's been given to him by peers.

"The listener is granted access to the dance floor of Studio 54 by listening to this channel. We play only disco songs that were played in the actual club, not the entire disco era."

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