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Kandi Banned... Do You Side With Pasquale or Diplo? VOTE!

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Kandi Banned... Do You Side With Pasquale or Diplo? VOTE!

Kandi banned! Yes, that seemingly harmless jewelry EDM fans trade at shows.  But is there something more devious hiding behind these friendly exchanges of PLUR... like drugs?   It's a hot topic on the interwebs with major players on both sides taking a stance on kandi's presence in EDM culture.

On one side, you have Pasquale Rotella, the Insomniac front man and EDM's most holy. He says "Kandi started in Southern California, and is now a tradition embraced by ravers all over the world... Whether you’re from SoCal or Singapore, wear your kandi proudly and continue to spread the good vibes!"

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On the other other, you have Diplo, the Mad Decent boss and the unofficial king of twerk. On the recent kandi ban at his Mad Decent Block party he says "I don't got nothing but love 4 u and your kandi. I just want to take steps to make sure everyone is there 100% for the music. Not other stuff."

Who do you side with? Vote right here and let us know!

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