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Listen: CROOKERS - "Get Excited" Ft. STS (Gladiator Remix)

Get excited for this remix from Gladiator because they are changing the sounds you expect to hear. Gladiator, signed to Fool's Gold Records, is a genre-bending duo based out of Los Angeles. They are known for breaking the controversial boundaries of electronic dance music, and as expected that is what they did in their latest remix of "Get Excited" from the legend Crookers. Releasing this track on Soundcould no longer then a month ago, Ian and Dan (Gladiator) got straight to work putting their spin on things. Slowing it down with the intention of making it a Trap sounding track, this remix starts out with a very west coast 90's hip hop melody. Following the Dr. Dre sounding piano melody, STS fuel's the feel's to this remix. Not to long after the track unwinds only to get a fresh sound of rattling snares. This added so much more of a bounce to the track, and works ideal with the original from Crookers.

Gladiator did a great job of not making this vague sounding electronic track that just consists of buildups and drops. Instead this remix contains a wave of laid back vibes, while keeping you nodding you noggin.

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