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Magnetic Premiere: Psyko Punkz 'Kick Out The Epic Mother Fxxker' Bootleg -- Free Download!


ATTENTION PSYKO SOLDIERS! Your favorite no-fucks-giving, loud as hell, psychotic hardstyle duo is back with a bootleg that shouldn't even be an option to download. After their huge release earlier this year Drunken Masta took off, Psyko Punkz decided to take it to the next level with the famous Dada Life anthem Kick Out The Epic Mother F**ker -- and we're so glad they did.

MAGNETIC RECOMMENDSA Minute With Psyko Punkz...

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"Epic motherfuckers is an understatement when talking about the Psyko Punkz and with this new track that’s for sure! As soon as the track comes on your ready to party big time. This bootleg remix is no joke, just a pumping hard kick that damn near makes it impossible to stand still. The original 'Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker’ was released in 2011 by The Swedish duo Dada Life. Thank the most Hi for this original track and definitely thank the Psyko Punkz for resurrecting this vocal and adding their signature hardstyle twist to it and now another epic motherfucking song is here from the Psyko Punkz."

Psyko Soldiers! Download your FREE copy HERE!

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