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Must Die! Shares A Hump Day Playlist

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Must Die! Shares A Hump Day Playlist

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Must Die! a.k.a. Lee Bates just shared a Hump Day playlist with our friends over at Wantickets. Know as once of the kings of the bass scene, Bates has been in the lab recently working on a new album. On the project he says:

"The biggest challenge that comes with writing an album is definitely understanding that a good concept isn’t good enough. Execution, knowledge of your own limitations and knowing when to swap your ambition for solid songwriting are key in order to write good songs.

Not one to ever stop, after the album Must Die! has a national tour coming up, which he seems to have a unique take on. He says:

Tour for me is strange. I’m actually an introvert on many levels, and a very private person. When I play live, I am very selfish in my track selection, usually playing what I actually believe in versus what works in a mainstream bass music set. I play my more popular dubstep stuff of course, and some tracks by other great dubstep producers too, but my favorite part and honestly the most exciting bit of my set is when I start playing more creative house and techno tunes that I love. This tour will be a bit different as I’ll be trying out a new format and theme to make it all cohesive and a proper experience. I don’t want people to come to my shows expecting “bangerfest 2014″ you know? I want people to expect a show. A concise amalgamation of music and feeling. Sounds pretentious and ambitious, I know, but it’s the truth and I hope I pull it off as well as I imagine it in my head.

You can read the whole interview on Wantickets. His first full-length release on Skrillex’s OWSLA is to come on Sept. 30., called Death & Magic.

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