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Nervo Believed To Be The Highest Paid Female Act In EDM

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Nervo Believed To Be The Highest Paid Female Act In EDM

As Forbes dropped their highest paid DJs of 2014, in their article called "Electronic Cash Kings 2014", female DJs once again did not appear on this list.

However, NERVO, a sister DJ duo from Australia almost made the cut, coming in with about $9 million in earnings for the period.  This puts them about $3 million shy from being considered for the list.

Forbres writes:

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"In the last 12 months, NERVO have spun over 200 shows, including residencies at Las Vegas, Nevada’s Hakkasan and Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel in Spain. Combined with a lucrative CoverGirl contract, they earned around $9 million before taxes and fees, FORBES estimates – a near-miss for Electronic Cash Kings 2014.

In an industry where the major money is made at thousand-person-plus nightclubs and hundred-thousand person festivals, NERVO remain one of very few high-earning female acts. This is thanks in part to their velvet-rope-and-bottle-service friendly tunes, which draw heavily on pop music (their forthcoming debut includes a collaboration by Kylie Minogue and Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears). Today, NERVO estimate 60% of their set is their own tunes, spun on 4 CDJs and a mixer."

When asked about what its like being a female in the scene, Liv Nervo says:

"We had so much support from the boys and we never let our gender get in the ways...The only thing we’re a little wary of is we didn’t want to wear anything too skimpy. We always wanted the music to speak first – when you’re a girl you have to be a little more careful about that.”

On the flip side of things, being female does have its perks. One of NERVO's most lucrative contracts is with cosmetic manufacture Cover Girl. It turns out in this area, the guys just can't compete.

Read the full article on Forbes.

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