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New Drum & Bass and Drumstep - Top 10 This Week

Neuro dominates this week, which is somewhat unusual for my charts but I'm not gonna complain. Each of the tracks are still top quality and are handpicked by yours truly. Most of the names this week are recognizable and have been featured before, but we have some new faces, too. It's just inevitable that big names will make it onto the list, no matter how hard I try to just promote the little guys. In the end, it's about which tracks are the best this week and the big guys make really good tracks.

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1. Rameses B, Dream Catcher feat. Charlotte Haining
To start with, we have Rameses B. He came out strong with this one, enlisting the help of vocalist Charlotte Haining in a bouncy and rhythmic DnB tune. This style is not common in the slightest, which most certainly helped put in on this week's chart.

2. Momoiro Clover Z, Lost Child (Noisia Remix)
I had the strong feeling that I had already posted this, but that's pretty impossible since it was just released this week. Regardless, I'm a huge softie for both J-Pop and Noisia, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I had to include this one. The uplifting vocals perfectly contrast the dark bassline, love it.

3. Disclosure, Latch (TC Bootleg)
This one isn't as good as his Diamonds bootleg, but it's a wonderful spin on the super hit. FREE DOWNLOAD.

4. Monsters With Tiny Mustaches, Enter Eva
This one rides that thin line where it's so close to dubstep that I consider not putting it on the list... but I have to concede the fact that if there was even the tiniest hint of drumstep, I was going to put this one on the chart. The sound design is superb and I've been in love with this track since I first heard it.

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5. Phace & Misanthrop, Nordwand
Phace & Misanthrop... the name alone inspires feelings of inadequacy in young producers, and their sound is undeniable. The neuro build up and drop are out of this world.

6. Legion & Logam, House Of Cards feat. Adam Wright
It's got an almost jazz/blues feel to it, along with the solid liquid bassline and reverb vocals. My recommendation? -- Close your eyes and just sway.

7. Concept Vision & Segment, Meteor
Neurofunk seems to be dominating the chart this week as these two bring the darkness with this fast-paced banger.

8. U2, Beautiful Day (Muzzy Bootleg)
I really, really, really love what Muzzy did with this. You can tell he tried to keep as much of the original as possible and we all appreciate him for it. As others on SoundCloud mentioned, the vocals could be a little louder, but I'll get over it. FREE DOWNLOAD.

9. Dubtunes & Sublab, Odin
Naming your track after a Norse God is a bold move, but when your jump up sounds like this I suppose it's okay. That rise is particularly nasty.

10. Nasty Attack, Nucelar
So this is Nasty Attack's re-interpretation of Zomboy's 'Nuclear' and it's one of the only ones that I've heard so far that has actually really mixed it up. Definitely impressed.

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