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New EDM Top 10: This Week in Drum & Bass and Drumstep

An eclectic group of tracks this week from remixes, UK artists, newcomer Americans and everything in between. There is no theme this week as we've got neuro, jump up, new age, liquid and even some happy dnb, courtesy of the return of Mat Zo. Let's get into it.

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1. Wiz Khalifa, We dem boyz (Fourward Bootleg)
This past weekend featured a major soundclash on Radio 1, with Ram VS Viper VS Shogun VS Hospital. Fourward brought out this number for Shogun in the bootleg section and stole the show in my opinion. Never thought that Wiz Khalifa would be remix material, but here you have it.

2. Chromeo, Lost On The Way Home feat. Solange (Mat Zo Remix)
This week's chart would not be complete without the new DnB remix from Mat Zo. Having long forsaken his MRSA moniker, it's nice to see him come back with such a vengeance. The track is almost a little too upbeat for me; I wish it had a much deeper bassline and a bit more groove rather than relying on the lead synth, but I'm just happy that Mat is making DnB again. FREE DOWNLOAD.

3. LIGHTS, Siberia (Ownglow Remix)
One of my favorite up-and-coming producers is a young kid out of Arizona going by Ownglow. His talent is undeniable and I can't wait to see what he brings out in the future. Check out his remix of 'Siberia' and lose yourself in the sound. FREE DOWNLOAD.

4. Rihanna, Diamonds (TC Bootleg)
This song is such a guilty pleasure for me, I love singing the chorus. But praise the lords, TC has made his own DnB bootleg, so I totally don't have to be shy about belting it out at the top of my lungs anymore! FREE DOWNLOAD.

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5. Erb N Dub & Skope, Let Me Fly feat. Damien Soul
Skope has been doing well enough on his own these days, but throw Erb N Dub into the mix and you can get this awesome breakbeat/neuro/jump up tune that just bleeds energy.

6. Rootkit, Ambush
I always, always, always look forward to featuring Rootkit. It's nearly impossible for him to put out a track that I don't like. This new one went way neuro and it seems like Rootkit has got a knack for the filthier side of things, too... as if I'm surprised. FREE DOWNLOAD.

7. Example, 10 Million People (Kove Remix)
Example and Kove... I mean honestly, how could this be bad? I love Example's vocals, always have. His lyricism has garnered him multiple remixes and features on tracks, while Kove's wonderfully new style of dubstep/drum n bass has brought them a huge following. I also just have a huge soft spot for horns in tracks.

8. Montee, Chroma
Artists will often release tracks that were in their coffers for any indeterminate amount of time, as is the case with Montee who brings us Chroma. It sports some wonderful sound design and sampling. FREE DOWNLOAD.

9. OutSource, Plazma
Wonderful liquid tune brought to you by Los Angeles-based OutSource. Surging basslines and a strong atmospheric vibe keep the track going, despite the two minutes following the drop staying pretty much the same.

10. Memtrix, Voodoo
The intro to this track is so damn strong, I'm even that much more disappointed that the drop just didn't meet my expectations. Of course, this is just one opinion, but I think that Memtrix could have taken it up a notch with this one.

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