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New Electronic Music - Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance Selections

Do you even Top Nu-Disco / Indie Dance chart bro? You know we at Magnetic do, and looking at you, seems like you really need to start discoing harder bro. Beautiful, deep, fun, fantastic, and whatever other adjectives you might think appropriate, this week we have it all. I would recommend a bustling house party or after party for this week’s list, it is a crowd pleaser but with a little depth. Also, this week may also see the strongest representation in diverse vocalists, so many strong singers. So play on players, sing on singers, dance on dancers, and party on my wonderful good music lovers!

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1. "Uruguay" Nora En Pure & Sons of Maria, Enormous Tunes
Deeper disco with orchestral flourishes yields something I have never considered to be a thing, but now I know it is, and I cannot get enough of it. This song is what I like to call Epic Disco.

2. “Classic feat. Powers” The Knocks, Big Beat / Neon Gold
A song that probably should enjoyed in a roller rink. I love Powers’ voice, and the lyrics are wholesome and fun. The Knocks knocked it out the park!

3. “Someday (Miguel Campbell Remix)” Stu Patrics, Hedonism Music
Emotions. Picture in your mind two flying shoes falling in love and then life tragically happening; pulling star crossed and laces crossed lovers apart. You know what, don’t just imagine it, watch it! Check out the wonderful music premiere we did as well!

4. “Disco Ball Drama” Downtown Party Network, Futureboogie
On the name alone, you should already be into it. Disco Balls have their drama’s too, and every downtown needs a party network, and this song needs you to listen.

5. “Saloon (Bit Catchy Remix)” E.P.O.S., M&G Recordings
Bit Catchy washes this Saloon song with the proper disco sauce to cook up a fresh tune.

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6. “Heart Weighs A Ton ft. Stefan Storm” Alex Metric, OWSLA
Innovative and oft celebrated, Mr. Metric works up another hit.

7. “Circles fea. Ashibah (Dashdot Remix)” Vintage Culture, PopArt
This is a song to to get spastic to, just wiggle all around and be the biggest embarrassment at the party. Hey, nobody is going to stop you and I swear nobody is judging, everyone needs to be on your level, and this song is just taking you to right where you need to be.

8. “ Tell Me (Henry Saiz Remix)” Nicone & Sascha Braemer feat Limon, Stil Vor Talent
Italo. Italo Disco. Italo Disco Remix. Yes, yes, yes. Henry Saiz is always elegant, and when you give him beautiful source material, you can only imagine the sublime things he can come up with.

9. “Howling Cover” Anabel Englund
I will be honest I have a huge crush on Anabel Englund, but you need to know it’s all because of the voice. She won my heart when she reverse skydived, and now I am loving everything and anything else she has been putting out. Get it, get it Anabel.

10. “Heartbeat” Curses, Deep House Amsterdam
A gotham house deviation for Drop the Lime, Curses conjures up some dark magic with his latest release, and it’s sinfully excellent.

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