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New Electronic Music: Top Techno [Week #33]


The Top Techno chart this week is a whole lot of fun! Some times you listen to the techno, and some times techno listens to you. This week techno listened, and it answered our call for amazingness! So I hope you brought a voracious appetite, is your techno stomach hungry? Are you lacking in techno nutrients? If so, then you have come to the right place! We have fresh, delicious, nutritious, and any other positive healthy food related adjective you might need to describe our techno selections this week!

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1. “spirit” Ramiro Lopez, Suara
One of the strongest Suara kitties goes all out on this one. Ramiro’s latest work is all about getting the party sprinting towards insanity.

2. “The Mara” Kiwi, Blase Boys Club
A recent release from Duke Dumont’s label, Kiwi delivers a poppy bit of techno that is freshly fun. It’s mischievous and perfect for a Friday night on the town.

3. “Warning” Metodi Hristov, Suara
Any song that samples Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a personal favorite. You won my heart, you won my ears, well done Metodi Hristov! It was a bold move, and it paid off, you have a fan for life!

4. “Sun” Elmar Strathe, Minus
It is a journey from a bright sunny afternoon to a clear summer evening. This song is a summer weekend, a vacation and a celebration of life and that is the best thing in world.

5. “Bergsjon Eternal” Petter B Feat. John H & M.E.E.O., Drumcode
Swedish techno thrives in this collaboration. With the use of an arpegiated synth, this tune is breaks down doors like a winged monster, ready to feast the techno soul of the party. That probably sounds much worse than it is, but the power of this song is very real.

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6. “Narkose” Midas 104, Crossfrontier Audio
I dig the darkness and the cinematic feel, a shadowy tale as at play in this song called ‘Narkose’.

7. “Shaman Champagne (Perc Remix)” Second Storey, Houndstooth
I feel like you never would want to ever fight Perc because if this is how he makes music, I do not want to know what he could do if he decided to make violence... So much power in this remix, so stylish. Second Storey gave him a great original to work with, and Perc smacked it around to make it something special with his signature style.

8. “Phantom Power (2Dave Remix)” Mad_Us, Antura Records
Tech house with creepy crawly components, giving you chills when ever they briefly scutter by.

9. “Kommen Zusammen (Nicole Moudaber Remix)” Carl Cox, Intec Digital
Will Nicole and Carl just become a supergroup already and put out an album? Any collaboration or rework by the de facto King and Queen of techno is a triumph.

11. “Riviera (Microtrauma Remix Cut)” Boss Axis, Parquet Recordings
Deep… Tech… House… It has a bit of a progressive build to it, and with all the different genre elements at play, it really is hard to qualify it. Yet, the only qualification tha tis necessary is that it is good.

10. “Sandstorm” Pig&Dan
“Here comes a hell of a storm” Pig&Dan met on a plane and one of the biggest partnerships in techno was born. They crush it all over the world with the releases on the biggest labels in techno, and their influence is growing. The perfect bit of techno for everyone packing for the playa to watch the man burn!

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