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New Electronic Music: Top Techno [Week #34]


Balaeric, epic, majestic, any positive adjective with an -ic at the end, and it will appropriately define this week’s Top Techno selections. There was a big moment in techno this week, you had some huge names getting buckets of ice dumped on them for a good cause. I have read about a bit of a critical backlash, and please let us not criticize them at all for this video. I think it is great, it is fun, and it is raising awareness for a great cause. Anytime artists can go beyond art and use their influence to better the world, then nothing but applause and praise for those artists. Never forget electronic music is an all inclusive scene for everyone, and it is great that diverse people from different backgrounds come together to collaborate not just for music, but to help fight a horrible disease. Okay, with all that being said! It’s time for techno!

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1. “Accents” Cirez D, Mouseville
Seriously though, there ain’t no better techno than Cirez D. We thank you for this free release in honor of your 10,000th tweet, it’s a big milestone we know, and what a way to celebrate it. Now about that new Pryda album...

2. “Freeze” Danny Daze, Kompakt
Danny Daze coming in hot with his release ‘Freeze’ on Kompakt that has a strong Boards of Canada aesthetic. There is a mysticism that is grazed upon in this song, beware the magic.

3. “Caldera EP” Recondite, Hotflush
Returning to Hotflush, Recondite delivers a big-field success with his definitive elegant style. Subtle, focused, and totally encapsulating of all your attention and focus.

4. “Chase the Link” Dosem, Suara
Dosem can do no wrong, and Chase the Link does everything right. The kitties at Suara can’t be stopped, and by god, I welcome the growth of their empire. Just means more great music for the rest of us!

5. “Caveman” Mike Mind, Turbo Recordings
Get tribal, turn into a jungle cat, prowl like a lion in the grasses of serengeti! This song brings the animal out in all of us, the bad ass savage who is ready to get real weird and primal.

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6. “Bankrupt! (Gesaffelstein Remix)” Phoenix
The French know how to make good music, nuff said. But I will say Gesaffelstein’s remix is fantastic! He darkens a brighter and optimistic band creating something completely new. More of this please!

7. “Wet Dreams” Ripperton, Cocooon
I can only imagine what Ripperton was thinking about when he came up with this title… Sexy and subdued song, and this Cocoon Compilation coming out in September is so strong!.

8. “Conducting The Method” CW/A, vakant
Adapted from a live version at Sonar, CW/A delivers a dramatic cinematic tune that would be perfect for the Blade Runner sequel soundtrack. Ridley Scott, did you hear that?

9. “Did You” Emanate, Mioli Music
Tech House that demands you to move your body. The groove is very much in effect, so your dance moves better come correct.

10. “Understand” Ghost Culture, Phantasy Sound
Described as having a beautifully elusive sound, I say that’s the perfect description, but emphasis on the beautifully. Just discovered Ghost Culture, and by god I’m excited by this discovery!

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