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New Tritonal Single "Satellite" Now Available

Tritonal - Satellite

If you’ve not picked up Tritonal’s new track “Satellite” yet, you should definitely do so. It soars over a roller coaster of arcade synths - the heavy drop more than enough to leave everyone’s hands in the air. Vocalist Jonathan Mendelsohn doesn’t need to be there to pull you in, but the mushy lyrics are certainly fun to sing alone to with someone you hold close. “I will be the satellite to guide you home. You are not alone.” Simple, fun, Tritonal. It doesn’t need to be much more complicated than that. 

“Satellite” is Tritonal’s first single from their upcoming Metamorphic III EP. The EP is the final chapter in the three-part series which has previously featured singles “Now Or Never” and “Bullet That Saved Me”.  Pick up “Satellite” on Beatport now and sing-a-long below.

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