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Moon Boots Touches Down at Pacific Festival's A Club Called Rhonda Stage

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Pacific Fest Artist Spotlight: Moon Boots Touches Down at A Club Called Rhonda’s Stage

NYC's French Express bills itself as "protectors of the feel good" and as anyone familiar with the label can attest, it has never been short on innovators (Perseus, Jonas Rathsman, Chris Malinchak) when it comes to making the world dance. In terms of nu-disco, however, Moon Boots reigns supreme. He crafts tropical soundscapes so lush that you can lose yourself in them. He has a gift for smooth vibes and classy melodies that roll blissfully over the ever-changing movement of his percussion.

This Saturday, Moon Boots will bring his space-made magic to the sands of Newport Beach for a headlining slot at Pacific Festival on A Club Called Rhonda's stage; and later this month, he'll be releasing "Don't Ask Why (ft. Kyiki)" on Cr2 Records. To celebrate, we're putting the spotlight on an excellent mix he released earlier this summer, "Music to...Stargaze To". Let Moon Boots take you out of this world.

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Pacific Fest: Moon Boots Touches Down at A Club Called Rhonda’s Stage

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Reporting by Neal Rahman.

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