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Dancing Astronaut Has The Full Scoop On DJ Paris Hilton's Ibiza Party!

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Dancing Astronaut Has The Whole Scoop On DJ Paris Hilton's Foam & Diamonds Party

Looking for all the info on DJ Paris Hilton's Foam & Diamonds Ibiza Party? Well EDM blog Dancing Astronaut is your source. That's right, they have the full run down on the party as they wrote today:

"Returning to the island for her second residency last night, Hilton kicked off her run at Amnesia, where she’ll host Wednesday nights this month amongst her summer DJ tour"

We bet the next thing DJ Paris Hilton Fan is thinking is "damn, I'm not in Ibiza, but I really want to get turnt up with DJ Paris Hilton? Is she coming to MY city!?"

Well don't worry, Dancing Astronaut has ALL the DJ Paris Hilton info you need, as they go on to say "One of the main attractions overseas, Paris’s 13-stop series passes through France, Portugal, Spain, Colombia, and even South Korea before concluding stateside in Atlantic City this October."

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But wait, HOLD UP! What's this DJ Paris Hilton Foam & Diamonds Party all about tho? Boom- they got you on that too, homie! Here's their run down:

the Foam & Diamonds brand has proven an impressive addition to the thirty-something’s already colossal empire. Now in its second year, her Ibiza residency offers an attraction a world apart from many of island’s late-night dance voyages that’ve historically reigned supreme; on Wednesday nights at Amnesia, it’s partying with Paris, and locals and tourists alike are lining up to join in.

So it's like that? For real???? We like, totally want to go!!! Is Afrojack gonna be there? Will there be like foams and diamonds and shits? As in lose my shit!?!

Wondering the exact tour dates? Want the full story? Well now you have your go-to for all DJ Paris Hilton eeeeeyyything- right here.

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