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Paul Van Dyk Throws Shade On Steve Aoki's Cake


Paul Van Dyk Throws Shade On Steve Aoki's Cake

In a recent interview with Thump Magazine, EDM veteran Paul Van Dyk speaks on the current state of the scene and the potential of dance music.

First on the press play/a DJ's stage performance as a circus phenomenon, PVD says:

“DJs should not be just pressing play with a USB stick, or getting wasted and throwing cake. I don’t think [stunts like throwing cake] have anything to do with connecting with your audience. To me, it has no substantial creative value—it’s just a waste of food.”

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He goes to describe the power and potential dance music has, demonstrating how it can bring people together:

“I remember during the conflict between Israel and Lebanon [in 2006], friends of mine from both sides came together in Ibiza. They had a great time and talked about how they all want the same thing: a future of themselves and their children.”

Towards the end, PVD makes a pretty big claim, comparing EDM to some of the other globally unifying events - like the Olympics:

“If you look at how many dance floors and festivals are happening everyday in all these different places on the planet, it’s a much more substantial movement than an Olympic game..."

We can see where PVD is coming from on this one, as every night there are thousands of dance music parties happening around the world. It seems like every weekend hundreds of thousands are gathering at music festivals, making new friends. The impact of EDM in this century is pretty overwhelming.

As much as an impact as the Olympics? Who knows? But, didn't Tiesto DJ an opening ceremony?

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