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Premiere: Dirty Loops "Hit Me" (Suraci Remix)

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Having the support of Avicii and Quincy Jones never hurts....

That's exactly what pop EDM trio Dirty Loops has received surrounding the release of their new album "Loopified". If you're not familiar with Dirty Loops, they are longtime friends and music school classmates Jonah Nilsson (vocals/keyboards), Henrik Linder (bass), and Aron Mellergardh (drums) who hail from Stockholm, Sweden

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The album’s first single, “Hit Me,” took off organically in Japan in early 2014. “This was the first original song we did as a band. It came from an older idea I had and we really took our time working on it until we got it just right. Once we did, the rest of the album came easy,” notes Jonah.

Lyrically, “Hit Me” is about “the desperation you feel when you don’t get the response you want from someone you like and you lose yourself in the relationship,” explains Henrik.  This track, like the other original songs on the record was a true joint effort, with all three Loops collaborating (with assistance from Carlsson on many of the lyrics) to finish the songs.

You can purchase the remix on Amazon here and iTunes here.
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