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SFX Doubles Revenue Yet Sees Loss For Q2 2014

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Shareholders may want EFX  on SFX profits,  but they shouldn't panic yet.  SFX is not really in the loss as it appears, although it did lose a pretty staggering 77.6 percent, or $43.7 million in the second quarter. As Billboard reports,  the revenues also increased a whopping 200%, so all in all, the company still has had a fairly promising second quarter.

The majority of the events do happen in the third and fourth quarters of the fiscal year, so these Q2 numbers might be a little misleading of SFX's overall outlook. The final quarters do make up for lagging winter/spring numbers.

Since 50 of SFX's 76 festivals will occur in the second half of the year, the company's business model won't really be tested until those are complete.  Still coming up for SFX this year in the United States are TomorrowWorld and Electric Zoo.

SFX's longevity and life span is believed to be extremely viable.  Through all of their recent acquisitions, it should prove to hold its weight and balance out their cash-flow by next year’s financial reports.

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So on the overall out look of SFX, Billboard writes:

Losses are to be expected in the company's early days. SFX is building a diversified company and following the template established by Live Nation: Draw fans to concerts, generate money through ticketing and leverage concerts and online properties to attract sponsorship dollars. It has a revenue share deal with viagogo for secondary ticket sales. And it has brought on board such brands as MasterCard, Anheuser-Busch, InBev and T-Mobile.

Stay tuned to see if SFX’s Sillerman will prove to hold his number one spot in the 2014 "50 Most Powerful People in Dance Music."

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