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Skrillex Plans Marquee NYC Invasion on 9/4

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Skrillex Plans Marquee NYC Invasion on 9/4

Coming off a wildly successful U.S. tour across 17 cities, electrifying appearances at Coachella, Ultra Miami and Lollapalooza, and an album that debuted at number 4 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 ("Recess"), electronic music producer and Mothership architect Skrillex is poised to strike at New York City's most upscale electronic music club. On Thursday, September 4th, Skrillex will add his name to a coveted list of world-class DJs that have graced the decks at Marquee New York.

Although Skrillex first made a name for himself as a dubstep producer, his recent performances and collaborations have shown an insatiable thirst for defying genre boundaries, experimenting with new sounds, or just saying fuck it and playing a hip hop record like "Shabba" because he feels like it. Skrillex and Diplo have a running act called Jack U, which stole the show at Ultra Miami with a body-jacking mix of electro, twerk, trap and dubstep. Back in June, Skrillex also made a surprise appearance at Cherry Beach in Toronto where he established a late night vibe that oscillated between twerk, moomba and even tech house.

If this were another EDM festival, I could probably predict some of the tracks Skrillex would be playing. But because Marquee is a more intimate, upscale venue, and due to Skrillex's genre-jumping tendencies I cited above, anything and everything could happen. If you like the idea of a night with unpredictable, yet limitless possibilities, then grab your ticket here.

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Skrillex Plans Marquee NYC Invasion on 9/4

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