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Spotlight: Zenbi - "Short Dick Man" (Hoxton Whores Remix), File Under House Music

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New to the old, old to the new- that's exactly what we have here on Hoxton Whores' remix of Zenbi's 2014 version of Short Dick Man. For those of you fresh on the scene, Short Dick Man is 1990s house music "classic" (were using the term a little loosely here) by 20 Fingers and Gilette.

Fast forward to present day, and this remix is pretty fire. It has a strong classic house music influence, but it's definitely throws down some modern sounds. The vocals are slowed down and dubbed out, making it a strong cut for the late summer vibe. Definitely a good song to play if you want to have some fun, but don't want to be obvious.

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You can purchase it on Beatport.


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