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Talking Gorgon Vibes with Gorgon City [Interview]


Conquering the world one festival, one show, one damn good set at a time, Gorgon City is a DJ and production duo that cannot be stopped. This year alone they have played everywhere from Glastonbury to Coachella to Ibiza; pretty much every hip scene the world over, and their year is far from done. They have just completed their first ever BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, and their album ‘Sirens’ is going to set the world on fire come October 6th.

Kye ‘Foamo’ Gibbon and Matt ‘RackNRuin’ Robson-Scott are two talented producers that came together as Gorgon City to make soulful romantic house music that defies simple genre qualifications. Collaborating with some of the best singers in the world, Gorgon City makes powerful music that takes you on a journey, goes deep and touches the heart. When you listen to their music, you are taken away to the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza or Ancient Greece. Amidst these imagined gorgeous backdrops, your mind wanders to memories of past loves and thoughts of future romances yet to be, and let us not forget just the all around amazing good vibes.

These two Londoners have just begun their Gorgon conquest of the world. They are winning hearts and minds, solidifying their legacy in stone as Gorgon City. They are a duo that are very comfortable with each other and with the music they make. When I spent time with them, it felt like this is their destiny, this is exactly what they were meant to do. They are humble, they are passionate, they are knowledgeable and they are poised to do some very big things.

You’re having a huge year. What has been your biggest moment of 2014?

Matt Robson-Scott: There’s been a lot. Doing Glastonbury was a big show for us.

Kye Gibbon: We did a big show for the BBC in Scotland and it was kind of like our first big show as a live band rather than DJing. That was quite a moment, nerve-racking. We never really got nervous before DJing, but for that it was pretty crazy.

Why was it nerve-racking?

Matt Robson-Scott: We don’t normally play live, normally we just DJ, but we have done a lot of rehearsals and stuff. We had a great show, we were really excited, but because it was broadcast live on Radio 1 and there were ten thousand people there, it was quite scary.

Wow, it was a big moment! Can we expect more live performances from Gorgon City?

Matt Robson-Scott: Yeah! Hopefully sort of early next year we will be doing more live shows rather than just DJing.

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So you always work with the best singers. What is your process for selecting the right singer? Do you have something in mind before you begin producing a song? Do they seek you out? How do you decide who is perfect for the song you are producing?

Kye Gibbon: A lot of the time we just have really great management who know the stuff that we want, so they have so many good hook ups. A lot of the time as well we will be partying with people, with other producers, singers. It is sort of quite a cool family vibe, cool scene in London where you can meet people at parties and make friends with them and next thing you are working in the studio. It is quite cool that way, it’s more relaxed.

Matt Robson-Scott: We like to keep things relaxed and natural, organic in the studio. We don’t really sit there and go like, ‘Oh, let’s make a track for this guy’ and do this with it. We hook up with the vocalists and just write the track together and see what happens. We always work like that and that is how we’ve written the whole album. It’s fun that way, makes it more natural.

Are the singers in the studio with you when you are doing the songs?

Matt Robson-Scott: Yeah, exactly.

Kye Gibbon: We always write it from scratch with the singer. We turn up on the day with nothing. We will lay down some chords, they might get some ideas from it, and we will throw ideas back and forth. It’s kind of like we’ve found the way of working that works for us, it’s cool.

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As a lover of the classics myself, I have always been curious with regards to your name. Is Gorgon City a reference to the Gorgons/Medusa in Greek Mythology? Or is it something different? Most importantly though, how did you come upon such an intriguing and historied name?

(A whole lot of laughter)

Matt Robson-Scott: Good question. It is linked to Medusa, sort of gorgon vibes, greek mythology and stuff, but it was kind of quite random when we first came up with it. We thought it sounded a bit different, but now we are exploring it more and we’ve got a cool creative team on our label who are helping us develop the idea of what Gorgon City is, and creating really cool shit for our live shows and for the album. It’s turning into something more than what it was when we first started it, you know? It was random when we started, but now it has its own identity. It feels like it is building something.

If you had to succinctly describe that identity?

Kye Gibbon: It’s a twist on the ancient Greek stuff with a futuristic twist and kind of a bit of a crazy twist.

Matt Robson-Scott: Feel good vibes as well.

Kye Gibbon: Yeah, yeah. Kind of like beaches.

Matt Robson-Scott: Sunshine.

What about the turning to stone? Is that because your lyrics are so romantic, you’ve been hurt by women that much?

Matt Robson-Scott: Yeah! Yeah! Hahaha!

Kye Gibbon: Yeah, exactly! That’s well put. We’re going to use that one in all of our interviews now.

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When did you meet? When did you decide to become Gorgon City? You both have your well respected and well established solo careers.

Kye Gibbon: We just met up, it happens a lot, people collaborate. We met through DJing and just decided to do a one-off collaboration and we found we worked really quickly together and we got ideas down so fast. It happened accidentally, and we’d done it more and more and it turned into its own thing, into something quite big. It felt like something that we wanted to focus all of our energy into.

Matt Robson-Scott: What he said. Haha.

What do you think about being a part of this neo-garage, UK bass movement that is sweeping the world over?

Matt Robson-Scott: Wow, neo-garage, that’s a good term. It’s really cool to be part of something, especially in London and in the UK. It really feels like there is a lot of energy in the scene right now. Obviously we love being a part of it, but also like to try and do our own thing, have our own identity rather than just being a part of one genre.

Kye Gibbon: Yeah. It’s because we have been doing it for a while. We have more influences, we’re not just influenced by garage. It’s all the stuff we have been into over the years. Hopefully we can be looked back on as more than, you know, 2014 garage house act. It would be cool to do something a bit more than that, hopefully we’ve done that with the album.

Is an album in the works?

Matt Robson-Scott: Yes, so the album is finished. It’s coming out on the 6th of October, and we are actually announcing on Monday the tracklisting and revealing the artwork for it and stuff and you will be able to pre-order it. You get a free track, an instant grat, when you buy it. That will be cool to see what people think of that track (The track is called ‘Unmissable’).

What is the album title?

Matt Robson-Scott & Kye Gibbon: Sirens.

Matt Robson-Scott: That’s been announced already, so that’s cool.

Who are some of your influences?

Matt Robson-Scott: We were influenced by a lot of underground house music, obviously underground UK dance music over the years, things like drum and bass and jungle. I think just influenced by everything, like growing up, like what my parents played at home, what my brother was into. Just everything from reggae to trip hop.

Kye Gibbon: Funk, disco, but recently spending so much time in Ibiza, really soaking up that vibe. There’s nothing like partying in Ibiza, so we’ve got a lot of influence from that, as well as all the stuff we’ve listened to over the years.

So are we going to hear some balearic Gorgon City?

Matt Robson-Scott: Yeah, I mean, there’s always that kind of vibe in our tracks we try and create because we spent so much time in Ibiza, it seeps into our tracks naturally.

With considerable diversity in your style and songs, also a great familiarity with many different genres from jungle to hip hop. What is your favorite genre or style of music?

Matt Robson-Scott: Haha!

Kye Gibbon: Wow. It’s impossible to choose one, but I suppose I will always have a soft spot for drum and bass and jungle because that’s what hooked me onto dance music. Ever since I first heard drum and bass and jungle, after that my life was changed. I just wanted to buy records and produce music, so that’s probably the one that is most important for me.

Matt Robson-Scott: It’s the same for me. I got addicted to vinyl and sort of the idea of trying to make music from drum and bass and jungle. I spent all of my allowance on records every week and started producing music from that kind of thing. It is probably the most important genre.

Actually I have a question, how would you explain jungle to an American audience?

Kye Gibbon: You kind of had hardcore in the UK first and then jungle is kind of a mixture of hardcore and reggae, so it is mashed up old breaks from soul records sped up, cut up really crazily; just crazy sample drums with a reggae influence and big sub bass.

Matt Robson-Scott: Ha, yeah that’s pretty much it.

Well that’s appreciated because jungle is slowly moving in, but so many American kids don’t really understand it.

Matt Robson-Scott: That’s the thing. Even in the UK, kids nowadays who grew up on dubstep, they might not even really know what jungle is because it came before that. But it’s good that people are bringing it back in through using the same breaks and stuff. I know there are quite a few producers bringing that sound back at the moment in the UK, so it’s cool that kids are getting back into it.


What are a few of the hottest tracks you have been dropping in your sets recently? The ones that absolutely get the crowd going insane.

Matt Robson-Scott: There is a track from a really cool producer in Brazil, DJ Anna. Her tracks are like big moments in our sets. She’s a great producer.

Kye Gibbon: We’ve actually got her to remix our next single because we’re such big fans of hers, and she’s done an amazing job for it. So we really love her remix of our track as well as all of her own stuff. What other big tracks are there?

Matt Robson-Scott: We are big fans of the Dirtybird guys like Justin Martin and Claude VonStroke. Feeling that new Claude VonStroke track called Eye | Eye. It’s pretty crazy.

Any closing thoughts?

Matt Robson-Scott: The album.

Kye Gibbon: Buy the album! Haha.

Matt Robson-Scott: Buy the album!

Pre-order Gorgon City’s ‘Sirens’ ASAP! Release date is October 6th. iTunes | Amazon | Signed CD or Vinyl

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