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Top 10 This Week in Drum & Bass and Drumstep

The name of the game this week is "HEAVY." None of these tracks leave you any room to breathe, hitting you with the full force of bass and staggering drums. Give your sub a workout with these unbelievably nasty tracks.

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1. Evol Intent, Cognitive Divergence
Evol Intent has been pumping out tracks lately and I feel like they (the tracks) have been getting better and better, too. So far, it has been every other week with new tracks. As far as I know, it's just Gigantor behind these but I wouldn't be surprised if I saw the three together again soon for a massive reunion. FREE DOWNLOAD.

2. The Olllam, The Belll (Zenji Remix)
I've featured Zenji before for his inventive sound design and creative layering of synths and bass. This one is no different, but so much better. In this one, Zenji remixes a traditional Irish song and turns it into a dancefloor beast. FREE DOWNLOAD.

3. xKore, Killah
I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am to see the return of xKore. I've been following this kid since his days on Newgrounds. This newest drumstep track is filthy to the max and likely to melt faces... wear a bib.

4. Splitbreed & Muzzy, WDGAFUCK
Muzzy is definitely one of my favorite DnB producers coming out of Monstercat, and now that he is teaming up with the vocal wonders Splitbreed, I feel like he can really let loose.

5. Dillon Francis & DJ Snake, Get Low (Taxman Remix)
I wouldn't think that a remix of 'Get Low' could work with DnB, but hell... I've been proven wrong before. And besides, DnB remixes of big room are always the shit so why not this one? It still keeps that Middle Eastern synth but boosts the bass and throws in some neuro shit too. Wonderful.

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6. Task Horizon, Ocean Of Sound feat. Ingrid Lukas
Switching it up a little bit... I know I said it's all heavy this week, but I'm not a sadist. Task Horizon, generally known for his tearout DnB, takes us all on a soothing drumstep journey on this one. Samples of the ocean -- waves, seagulls, wind -- in the intro are accompanied by Ingrid Lukas' quiet, raspy voice to make a soundscape reminiscent of falling asleep at the beach. I just love the vibes on this one.

7. Moko, Your Love (Culture Shock Remix)
Okay, now back to the heavy shit. Culture Shock brings it hard with this remix. The sounds are classic, but the vibes are fresh. The synths almost seem to originate from French house, via Kavinsky or Justice, but Culture Shock makes it work.

8. Nostalgia, Perfect Lie feat. Frank Moran
I love Nostalgia -- purely for the reason that he can make shit like this and make my jaw drop on a consistent basis. The staccato drums, the spaced bassline, the absolutely uplifting voice of Frank Moran... don't even get me started on those growls. Vibing this one hard!

9. I See MONSTAS, Circles (I See MONSTAS Remix)
I See MONSTAS makes it onto my list for a second week in a row, with (oddly enough) a remix of their own track from last week. They give it a more club-friendly sound but retain a lot of the feels from the original mix. Good shit. FREE DOWNLOAD.

10. Filthy Habits, Sentinel
This is absolutely some of the filthiest jump up I've ever heard. I pretty much shit myself at the drop. So enjoy!

BONUS: かめりあ & DJ Genki, Feelin' Sky
No intro on this one. Not on the track or my description. This is how the Japanese do DnB -- fucking violently.

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