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Top Drum & Bass and Drumstep of the Week

Nothing much to say this week. Enjoy my picks.

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1. REID, Tarnished ft. Woman's Hour (Document One Remix)
Document One starts us off with an almost liquid tune, but not quite. The piano and horns go along together with the bass and drums quite magnificently.

2. Int Company, Inward Phase & Cliffhanga, Clinic
Huge neuro bassline and some insane drum work on this release.

3. I See MONSTAS, Circles
The first MONSTAS release and it's drum & bass, praise the lord! Which is actually quite appropriate seeing as this track is an interesting vocal journey very close to gospel.

4. Droptek, Extinction
Huuuuuuuuuge new tune from Droptek. The massive acid bassline, the drumstep, the dark vocal samples. This track is begging to get played at a dark club in the underbelly of some seedy town. FREE DOWNLOAD.

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5. Blink 182, What's My Age Again (DotEXE Remix)
DotEXE remixes a late-90s classic and brings the filth, to boot. The lyrics in the very beginning don't seem to mesh very well, but that's quickly resolved by the time the drop hits - another massive drumstep tune. FREE DOWNLOAD.

6. Haywyre, Everchanging (Inert Bootleg)
It was only by chance that I found this bootleg, and I'm glad I did. Inert did a great job keeping the chill vibes of the original and adding his own neurofunk grind to it.

7. StéLouse, Home (We Bang & Mustache Riot Remix)
The drum work is really great on this one, the bassline is original and there is great rhythm and timing throughout the track. Excellent work. The breakdown at nearly 3 minutes in is also a huge selling point for me. FREE DOWNLOAD.

8. Kotch, Monkey Donkey
Kotch throws some seriously awesome blues vibes into this track. The wobbly bassline and horns, combined with the vocals make for a hugely entertaining track. I wish more producers would experiment like this. FREE DOWNLOAD.

9. Coldplay, Magic (Vice & Virtue Remix)
Not your typical drum & bass track, Vice & Virtue (love the name, by the way) create a "structureless" track. So, as much as I love a strong sound design, seeing it completely deconstructed and absent is also very interesting. FREE DOWNLOAD.

10. Skeewiff, Rumba Style feat. Rayna (Swingrowers Remix)
Ever hear "Ghetto Latin Drum & Bass"? Well, you have now. This is so fucking unique, I don't know how anyone couldn't like it.

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