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Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart [Week #34]


Warning… Caution to the readers and listeners of this week’s Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart… If you have any medical conditions, please consult your treating physician before reading further. This week the selections are powerful… This genre is hot, hot, hot and it’s only heating up, so it’s going to melt your shoes, melt your heart, and probably melt your face with all the goodness these musicians are putting together for your amusement and enjoyment. It’s beautiful, it’s deep, it’s great to dance to, so if you feel you’re ready and of the right mental and physical state, proceed and enjoy the fruits of this week’s Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart.

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1. “Babyface (FSQ Disco Remix)” Nick Monaco, Soul Clap Records
Nick Monaco’s ‘Mating Call’ is almost about to be fully released, and god damn did his tune ‘Babyface’ get one hell of a fresh disco infused remix from FSQ Disco! Be excited for this one!

2. “Night Flight” Midnight Magic, Soul Clap Records
This song is authentic contemporary disco, full band compliment and not just producers conjuring up retro vibes. Disco is alive people, and Midnight Magic is going to let it thrive!

3. “New Name” Sinkane, DFA Records
Starting as a session musician for Yeasayer, Sinkane has made waves with his solo pursuits, and he’s got a veritable tsunami of a splash coming when his album releases on September 2 via DFA! Amazing groove music, and his voice pairs so well with that horn section, it’s a bit ridiculous… Feels so good that maybe it’s not healthy...

4. “Endless Love feat. Betsy” Joe Goddard, Greco-Roman
Smooth silky fun house music with a more dancefloor focus, this is indie dance at its finest. Joe Goddard is a busy man, only getting busier, yet he still finds the time to put out EPs and albums (The 2 Bears) while Hot Chip is on hiatus!

5. “Make the World Go Round ft. R Kelly (Gigamesh Remix)” DJ Cassidy
Gigamesh, oh yes, oh yes, you know exactly what you are doing! Oh man, this lights a fire in your shoes, and it’s definitely going to light your night on fire as well.

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6. “Bother” Les Sins, Company Record Label
Chaz Bundick is not one to let dust settle on his creative muscles, and after a huge world tour with Toro y Moi, he’s at it again with an album with his DJ project, Les Sins. The first release is a winner, and it’s got me hungry for whatever else he’s going to deliver!

7. “License to Feel” 303bastard, Sleazy Deep
Sleazy Deep is the nu-disco label, I’ve said it and I am not taking it back. 303bastard gives you something that is so danceable, but the vocals elicit very big emotions...

8. “ILOVED” L.O.O.P.
Darker indie dance with an edge, and I am down with it. This is an underground/afterhours heater, it’s only best handled by the real partiers, those jolly few who know how to keep it going with style well into the night.

9. “Dead Or Alive” SOS
When the sonic waves of this future r’n’b production hit you, you instantly are struck in the heart. It’s got dance sensibilities and so you will move, but your heart is going to be doing the most significant work of all… Keep this one close lovers, it’s just what you need.

10. “Little White Lies (Moon Boots Remix)” Florrie
A fun remix that is delicate and lovely. Moon Boots’ career and talent trajectory is taking him well past lunar aspirations, he’s going right out of the galaxy, and as a true fan, I am along for the ride.

Here is the full playlist!

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