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Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart [Week #35]


A week has gone by, the summer continues to glow even in its waning days, and the Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance chart keeps on getting better. Boldness is pervasive throughout this week’s selections, and some of my personal favorites had strong releases that caught my attention. Big ups to Oliver and The 2 Bears, you really are something else in your productions. To the reader, big ups to you as well, just want to give you love and let you know you are appreciated. As a thank you, and a gesture of my love to you, I give you this week’s top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance chart!

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1. “Fast Forward” Oliver, Fool’s Gold
These boys, these men, these god’s of that disco sound! They are back with another EP that is going to you funk you right in the face. That was aggressive, but hey, are you serious about having a good time or not?

2. “Love Will Tear Us Apart (Vintage Culture Edit)” Joy Division
When you touch a classic, you better come correct! Vintage Culture indubitably did come correct, and my hat is off to you!

3. “Whenever” Hotlane, Gomma
Let’s take it back to the basics, then let’s take it to the contemporary. Now listen to what you have, you have an absolute amazing piece of nu-disco. This is the song that you imagine your Friday night is going to sound like.

4. “Could Never EP Minimix) Dividian feat. Eli & Fur, Kitsune Maison
It’s not a song, it’s a minimix so deal with it accordingly. Dividian is returning to Kitsune with a very strong EP, and anything Kitsune is the best kind of art for your soul and your feet.

5. “I Used To Be” GOH vs Sugarstarr feat. Redman & Method Man, Milk & Sugar Recordings
Hip hop over danceable instrumentals? Hip hop legends over danceable instrumentals? Why am I asking so many questions? I don’t know, but I do know you should be friends with this song on Facebook.

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6. “Which Way” The 2 Bears, Southern Fried Records
Releasing an EP before a new album? The 2 Bears in my opinion are the most productive and talented production duo out there ever. I said it, I will never take it back. I love you Joe and Raf! I hope this doesn’t make things awkward!

7. “Uncle ACE (a/jus/ted Remix)” Blood Orange
A good Blood Orange remix always grabs my attention. A great Blood Orange remix gets me really excited! This is fire, call the fire department, tell them to be ready, I am not going to stop playing this until my computer explodes.

8. “Ma Shiva” Clarian, Multi Culti
Incense House. Let that genre sink in. Incense House is officially a thing because Clarian has made it a thing and thank you Clarian for making it a thing!

9. “Loving You” Calippo, Enormous Tunes
The breakdown in the middle of this baby and the build brighten the world. Calippo you’re a star, and never stop shining, we need more tunes like this, so please get on it!

10. “Fading” Motions, OfUnsoundMind
I chose this melodic beauty because it’s a perfect end to a sublime week in sound. Disco is not dead, and this tune right here would fit perfectly in any disco set closing out ecstatic and filling the souls of all the dancers with joy. This is a tune that makes you feel like you are doing something special, and being alive certainly is one special thing to me.

Here is the whole chart, press play, let the groove take you away!

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