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It is officially August, where did the summer go? At least Top Techno is here to stay. This week I felt that we should explore deeper techno territory, selections that inspire thought and activate the imagination. These are the ideal techno selections for the dog days of Summer, the change of the seasons is in your mind, but your body still is in the warm embrace of Summer. With this list, think of the future, and maintain a presence in the moment. We have some great minimal selections, and even a select few that have effective psychedelic components. Open your mind, move your feet, let your soul breathe, and take time for the beloved techno!

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1. “Voodog Pt. 1” Ricardo Villalobos, Pressure Traxx
Ricardo Villalobos is a master of the minimal, His latest release is chaotic with a focus, the vocal components feel almost psychedelic. Overall he’s making that amazing music we need in our lives.

2. “Javier” (2014’ mix) Myd, Bromance Records
Inspired by a Summer morning in Atlanta, Myd has cooked up a gift to get you moving at the beach or at your summer job. It’s got an edge to it, and that is always a good thing.

3. “Connections” Uone, Sprout Music
“Connections... A relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else.Uone lives and breathes this philosophy through music and life.”

4. “Jaw” Lefrenk, PFL Records
Blending progessive elements with techno, a beautiful song is born of the fingertips of Lefrenk. It’s melodic, imbued with a mysticism that takes your mind far away.

5. “Jingles” Whyt Noyz, M_Nus
A favorite of Richie Hawtin, Whyt Noyz are about to skyrocket to the top of the minimal game wiht their latest IT Grows EP set to be released on August 8th. Delicate, although a lingering sense of power fomenting thrives in this song called Jingles.

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6. “Pentagon” Amber, Mobilee
A tech house tune from an established techno guru, Ambivalent goes under his more house-inclined alias Amber for his second release on Mobilee; his Amber alias explores more melodic house influences.

7. “U Turn” Fur Coat, Crosstown Rebels
Psychedelic techno that dives deep, prepare to go places in your mind that you were not expecting. The imagination runs wild, and that is just to be expected from these talented Venezuelan exports call Fur Coat.

8. “Poison (Grensta Remix)” Pablo Nouvelle, Black Butter Records
Black Butter Records has a remix competition going on with Pablo Nouvelle’s latest track, and a certain San Francisco talent named Grensta sounds like he has a contender for remix winner.

9. “Labyrinth” Sam Paganini, Cocoon
A fresh track from Mr. Paganini off of the latest Cocoon Compilation, and if ever there was a song that rolls and grooves ad inifintum, this be it.

10. “Arcadia (Boys Noize Reprise)” Apparat, Boysnoize Records
Boys Noize remixes a master of the sonic soundscape Apparat with great result. Full of big emotions, and the acid components added greatly enhance the crescendo. It is certainly a bold movement. A song worthy many listens over and over again.

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