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Unruly Ratchet 'Fan' Sends Dillon Francis To The Hospital

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By: Los

Unruly & Un-Tite 'Fan' Sends Dillon Francis To The Hospital

So, an RC Cola to the head ended Dillon Francis's set in New Orleans. He took to his twitter to thank whoever had the nerve to strike him with the can. The LA native also went on about some stitches coming real, real, soon. Its one of these really messed up nights, where, a person who had no business being there, was there just to ruin everybody's night. Super swagless ratchet maneuvers ...

Guess his aim was pretty good, as it connected with D.F. like nobody's b He posted the whole break down on Twitter:

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Taking it like the good sport he is, he said:

And leave it to deadmau5 to add a little levity to the situation.

All in all, Dillon Francis, we hope you're ok and that you get a multi-million dollar marketing deal from RC Cola... God knows they need the help. Hipsters won't even drink that shit. Just saying...

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