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Video Premiere: ThermalBear - Carpe Noctem


Every now & then a fantastic piece of  electronic dance music comes along that is more than just a track to dance to at a nightclub.  "Carpe Noctem" by ThermalBear is a minimal yet melodic slice of  tech-house that exceeds the musical merit of being dance-floor worthy. Visual artist, Oliver Jennings was commissioned to complement this beauty of a track by creating a Stanley Kubrick inspired video of geometric patterns and random video feedback against vast dark spaces.

"Carpe Noctem" which is Latin for "seize the night", begins as a minimal piece of music with a solid bottom end that gradually develops into a progressive tune full of different layers of tones & frequencies.  The frequent shift in volume of the tones against the hard bottom end beat create a beautiful yet stark contrast that Oliver Jennings sought to re-produce in a visual manner.  These contrasting aesthetics were visually displayed as sharp geometric patterns against the back-drop of dark space with unpredictable video feedback that ceases to follow any type of pattern.
UK based electronic music producer ThermalBear who normally records for Sasha's Last Night On Earth imprint created "Carpe Noctem" as the third & final song on the vinyl-only only label Derelicht's premiere release.  There were only 100 copies pressed for this album and a different visual artist was commissioned to create each video for each of the songs on the release.

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The video itself has already been selected for the upcoming visual arts festival, MIRA in Barcelona this coming November and here we present you with the world premiere for the video itself "Carpe Noctem"

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