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Watch The Live Stream Of Burning Man 2014

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Watch The Live Stream Of Burning Man 2014

Who needs the gates to be open when you can watch the live stream of Burning Man 2014? OK, it's probably not the same (wild guess here), but it is pretty cool, especially if you were one of the unfortunate many who were left stranded yesterday as the gates were closed due to bad whether.

Well, today is a new day, and according to, cars are beginning to trickle in. There has been no official word from the Highway Patrol yet- the last thing we heard is to expect the the gates to open back up around noon.

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Here is the latest update we can find:

Although there has been no word on the official Burning Man social media channels for 8-9 hours, BMIR let slip that the gate was open – then didn’t mention it again. Cars were seen on UStream driving into Black Rock City. A few Burners between Gerlach and the gate have reported that cars are moving again. Peter Hirshberg told us:

“Gate is open. The road blocks are still in force, but being stood down town by town heading south. Here in empire we are being told that the highway patrol will give us the go signal within the hour. As the backlog clears, towns further south will open . We’re being told not to proceed until the highway patrol says go, Or “you’ll be turned back as a matter of policy” The whole thing looks pretty well coordinated between bmorg and law enforcement .”

Many of those stranded last night were forced to turn to Reno, Nevada for accommodations. There was an impromptu "Stranded Man" party held at a Reno Nightclub, which featured sets from DJ Dan, Rob Garza, Philip Jung, and more.

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