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Watch The Struggle Continue In This DJ Paris Hilton Video

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Watch The Struggle Continue In This DJ Paris Hilton Video

First, if you want to classify DJ Paris Hilton's genre- she falls under pre-recorded mashups-- yes in 2014.

Now to the struggle STRUGGLE (yes that's a capital STRUGGLE). It begins with her taking photos like the she thinks she's Terry Richardson, then by coming in way too hot with an "Animals" mash-up to kick off her set (yes, and Animals mash-up in 2014-- such a good look), then another shot of the crowd, then a bunch of crap music, then at about 12:30 she tries to pull out the bass -  she brings it back in way off beat, which seems to be a recurring theme in the set.  Also, she puts sunglasses on for no reason.  Maybe because the constant red lights flashing on the Pioneer mixer levels were getting too bright?  What do those even mean????

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OH - Native Instruments - can you just remove those pesky pitch control things??? DJ Paris Hilton doesn't need dem...

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If you've had enough, just skip to the 35:30 min mark when she becomes a videographer, spills water all over the S4 and laptop in the process, starts a track over (yes a TJR and Guetta "Love Is Gone" mash-up) and then she tries to blame the crowd for her clumsiness.  What a joke.

Learn how to fucking DJ- Some of us actually do this for a living.

P.S. I just heard her play a "Sandstorm" mashup as I close this post. Remember out there, the struggle is real- really really real...

P.P.S.- the worst part is 75% of you big room cats sound just as bad as DJ Paris Hilton.  Build your skills- corny cheeseball motherfuckers...

Via: YourEDM

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