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Bass Remix: T.I. & Iggy Azalea - No Mediocre (Grandtheft Remix)

Iggy Azaela seems so tame to me now. The original No Mediocre is of no comparison to Grandtheft’s devastating remix. Grandtheft lets the track run for a little while, but that’s just to get you warmed up. The remix soon lets loose with sirens and buzzsaws. It’s what you might expect some kind of cyborg invasion to sound like. Iggy Azelea and T.I. were "so far from mediocre" before, but I'm not sure they expected all this.

Both versions feature rhymes from Iggy Azalea and T.I. The original will be released on T.I.’s upcoming album Paperwork October 21st. The release date of this massive remix is still TBA.

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9/26/2014 Aria - Peterborough, ON

9/27/2014 Club 77 - Hamilton, ON
9/29/2014 Bar None - Vancouver, BC
10/2/2014 Club The A - Seoul, Korea
10/3/2014 Domain - Jakarta, Indonesia
10/4/2014 Warehouse82 - Bali, Indonesia
10/5/2014 Canvas - Singapore, Singapore
10/6/2014 Storm Festival - Shanghai, China
10/10/2014 Fly - Hong Kong, China
10/11/2014 Ku De Ta - Bangkok, Thailand
10/12/2014 Vision - Tokyo, Japan
10/16/2014 Bassmnt - San Diego, CA
10/17/2014 Create - Los Angeles, CA
10/18/2014 Gringo Star @ ASU - Phoenix, AZ
10/31/2014 Quicktrip Park - Dallas, TX
11/01/2014 Trick or Beats - Boca Raton, FL
11/06/2014 Ayers Rock Boat - Lyon, France
11/22/2014 Surrender - Las Vegas, NV
11/23/2014 King Street Hotel - Newcastle, AUS
12/26/2014 Oh Hello! - Brisbane, AUS
12/28/2014 Waihi Beach Hotel - Coromandi, NZ
12/31/2014 Origin NYE Festival - Perth, AUS
01/03/2015 Garden Party, Slip Inn, Chinese Laundry - Sydney, AUS
01/05/2015 170 Russell - Melbourne, AUS

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