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Bath Salts Or Molly? The Bunk Police Want You To Know What's In Your Baggie

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Bath Salts Or Molly? The Bunk Police Want You To Know What's In Your Baggie

We lost the war on drugs. Yeah, we know this was breaking news a few decades ago, but U.S. drug policy has not caught up with this fact.

An unfortunately reality is that because of this refusal to admit failure and adapt to the realities of drug use, people are dying (not just at EDM festivals; this is a societal issue as a whole).

A fortunate reality is there are a few brave souls out there that do recognize the realities of drug use (no matter the law, some people are going to do drugs) and are taking a harm reduction approach.

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The Bunk Police are doing just that... selling drug testing kits that let people know if they are doing MDMA or bath salts. The documentary below follows them to music festivals around the United States, sneaking in testing kits where harm reduction is otherwise banned (thanks R.A.V.E. Act!), and educating the populace on what they are putting in their bodies...

NOTE:This is not to imply that taking pure MDMA (Or any pure substance) is by nature "safe". It goes without saying that drug use can be dangerous. These testing kits, however, help provide knowledge on what people are actually ingesting, allowing them to make better informed decisions.

Definitely worth a watch...

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