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Best New Future Bass Music - New Electronic Music

Taylor Barnes here, back with the best new future bass music. I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend. I spent mine at Made in America in downtown LA, which was a mildly entertaining albeit extremely mainstream and woefully under equipped and unorganized. This month has been packed with festivals for me, and just when I thought I’d have a break, I’m already back at it, out in San Bernardino setting up for Nocturnal. Given all the festivals happening right now, I thought I’d throw together a chart of festival friendly future bass tracks.


1. Talk Dirty, Luca Lush & Tanner Caldwell
Luca Lush and Tanner Caldwell have created the quintessential Jersey Club track. The bed squeaks, vocal sample, and vibrant synths combine to create a noteworthy tune. Their two track Double Jump EP is out now via DJ Benzi’s Get Right Records.

2. Never Catch Me, Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar
I just saw FlyLo at FYF Fest, and as always he blew my mind with an unparalleled audio-visual experience. This track was one of my favorites from his set.

3. Whip N Flip, Color Plus & Kanyon
This track represents everything I’m digging about underground club and grime right now. People mixing hip hop acapellas with heavy, minimal club beats. If you’re unsure what I mean by underground club and grime, check out Cashmere Cat’s Rinse FM guest mix for a better idea.

4. Bobblehead (Rafik Remix), En2ak
This warm, summery future bass tune comes courtesy of Rafik, 2007 DMC World Champion and Red Bull Music Academy alumnus. Although relatively unknown, his productions never cease to amaze me. I’m amazed that he’s not a household name.

5. Back & Forth (Minorstep Remix), The Aston Shuffle
Vibrant leads and arpeggiated synth lines soar around the main vocal line in this remix.

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6. Be My Baby (Fluke Nukes Bootleg), Ariana Grande
Really love Cashmere Cat’s production on the original track, and Fluke Nukes has successfully flipped it into a massive future bass tune.

7. Nasa (Mike Gao Remix), AK OG ft. Young Thug
This one is slightly darker than the other tracks in this chart, but it’s equally impressive. I’m not sure if this even fits into a genre, as it seems to blend trap, underground club/grime, and beat scene styles. Whatever it is, I dig it.

8. Saturn, KRNE & Portrait
KRNE and Portrait have created a bass heavy masterpiece that’s undoubtedly ready for festival season. I love the way this song flows smoothly from more spacey melodic musings into more dark and ominous sections.

9. We Know It, King Henry
Possibly my favorite King Henry song ever made due to its sheer intensity and production quality. This is ready to play out at major festivals for sure.

10. Are We Faded, Keys N Krates
It seems that future bass is growing in popularity given that live trap act Keys N Krates have decided to give the genre a shot on their latest release. “Are We Faded” sounds extremely similar to something that Dutch future bass producer Ganz might release.

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