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Best Tropical/Chillout House Music 2014: Week 37

Best Tropical/Chillout House Music 2014: Week 37

Space…the greatest chill of them all. Today we go on a journey into the wild black yonder, dipping into milky musical galaxies and frolicking through fields of soothing stars. Like the cosmos, our mind is an unexplored universe and what better to unwind and traverse this great unknown than with some tantalizing tunes to reach the farthest depths of psyche and space. I’ve eaten astronaut ice cream before and it’s not nearly as chill as what we have in store for you on this interstellar ride. The cosBROS and GALaxies along this mission will get your moonboots moving with their meteor showers of mellow, mesmerizing sound. Zip up your space suits and buckle your seat belts. 3, 2, 1...We have ignition….


1. “Two Bodies (feat. Emma Louise)” Flight Facilities, Future Classic
Who better to pilot the first leg of our journey than the high-flying groovers Flight Facilities. The floating, sultry new single “Two Bodies”, featuring the delectable voice of Emma Louise, is the first from the gents’ forthcoming album “Down to Earth”. This is certainly one of my most anticipated albums of the fall and I cannot wait to see them again on their accompanying tour. Anyone who rocks full pilot outfits during a hot Coachella Sunday and samples Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination” in a song has my respect. Dim the lights, dim your mind and join the mile high club with this sexy song.

2. “Waited 4 U” Slow Magic, Downtown Records
Slow Magic is the truth. I’m so excited to see the mysterious, masked magician cast his spell at The Roxy LA on Friday to kick off his brand new album “How To Run Away”. The chillfest “Waited 4 U” is just one of many strong, tranquilizing tracks that leaves you breathless at first before you find your feet and take to the starlit dance floor.

3. “Oops x Wus Good” Louis Mattrs, MTA Records
This song drips sex. If The Weeknd and Sam Smith made a baby-makin baby it would be the UK crooner Louis Mttrs. He mates two different tracks together to produce this seductive R&B temptress of a track while wrapping you up with his incredibly soulful voice. The lyrics are self explanatory and hopefully inspiring to you love monkeys.

4. “Let The Light In” Nora En Pure. Enormous Tunes
I’m not one to play favorites but what Switzerland’s Nora En Pure has been doing with her work has invigorated my sound sensory soul and I cannot get enough. Everything she touches from her gorgeous remix arrangements to her new TRUE EP full of original magic is the sweetest taste of anything I’ve indulged my ears upon lately. “Let The Light In” is a graceful, happy diamond in the sand harnessing a cosmic coastline soundscape with dreamy vocals. Nora En Pure you are my musical Wendy Peffercorn.

5. “Norrland” Gidge, Atomnation
The Swedish duo Gidge has been quietly watering the beautiful ornate track “Norrland” for five years and its finally blossomed. There is no cell service in this lush, clicking, chirping rainforest and the haunting horns that echo in the distance make it feel as though you are walking deeper and deeper into the unknown. Their album “Autumn Bells”, out in two weeks, is sure to be filled with more Fern Gully jammers.

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6. “Suddenly (Summer Heart remix)” Sameblod
Summer Heart always puts a pep in my step during the sunny season and they come in at the perfect moment with this endless summer remix of Sameblod’s mellow daymaker. Whether you’re soaking in the last bits of sunshine or reminiscing about long days bobbing in the waves and frolicking around festivals this is the perfect compliment.

7. “Wicked Games feat. Anna Naklab (Tom Misch Remix)” Parra for Cuva
I love this song to bits. The original, the cover, the remix are all fantastic displays of how much evolution a song can go through. I’m sure Chris Isaak would be astounded if he heard how far his ballad as come. The young London based Tom Misch’s abilities as a producer are very mature despite him only being 19 years young. He throws in gorgeous piano melodies and powerful violin chords to his already smouldering rework and the result is a wickedly great taste.

8. “As I Am (Isaac Tichaur remix)” Childhood, French Express
Some songs are meant for lights off and headphones on, and Isaac Tichaur’s remix of “As I Am” would certainly benefit from that combo. This trippy mindbender is the dark side of the moon but nevertheless there is beauty in the shadows. A lush, deep house backdrop is met with Tichaur’s well crafted low pitched soft vocals from Childhood and the song comes exploding out of the speakers like a solar flare towards the end.

9. “Cat Rider (Poolside Remix)” Little Dragon, Day & Night Recordings
Our hometown cabana composers are back and I’m so excited to hear this evolution in sound. Their debut album had a major influence on mine and many other daytime discoers but its time to move on from that genius and hear what is silhouetted on the horizon for the duo. Little Dragon’s slow burning “Cat Rider” is a perfect, simple canvas for this cruising new sound they’ve developed.

10. “Dangerous Days (MAPS Remix)” Zola Jesus, Mute
What better way to end our cosmic odyssey than with a song that reminds me of a M83 space orchestra. Zola Jesus’s track has been the source of many amazing remixes as of late but this version from MAPS reaches to something more ethereal. The string section and building momentum sends us catapulting towards a supernova of sound and light. Maybe, just maybe...the journey is only beginning...

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