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Boys Noize and Baauer 'Run-X' Tour Cancelled

Boys Noize and Baauer 'Run-X' Tour Cancelled

Recent news has been circulating through multiple social media sites regarding the recent cancellation of giant hit 'Harlem Shake' producer, Baauer, and co-headliner Boys Noize's 'Run-X' Tour. Scheduled to start Oct. 2nd in San Diego, with support from Lido, Nadus, and Spank Rock, this much anticipated tour is no longer underway due to their need to head back into the studio to finish their "projects".

Here is the statement given from Baauer earlier this week:

"i'm so sorry to do this, but boys noize and I have to pull this tour. there's a bunch of reasons why this needed to happen, but mostly, alex and I have to get back into the studio and finish our projects. i never ever cancel shows, so pulling this whole tour is devastating. but what it means is more music out to you guys sooner. i hope you understand and I love you.
p.s. full refunds will be given to those who've already bought tickets"

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Although slightly impacting those who have already purchased tickets and who were so eager for one of  their 24 dates across the states, maybe a new album or new fire collaborations are in the making. Stay tuned for new music announcements from these two.

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