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Top Drum & Bass and Drumstep Songs 2014 [Week #38]


Lots of interesting sound design and synth work this week, and a good amount of tracks from current and previous Monstercat artists. I'm really happy with how far Drum & Bass has come this past year. I've been doing this chart for about 7 months now and through nearly 30 weeks and 300 tracks, I have reignited my love for the genre (not that it was waning, really). It just goes to show that if you ever have a lapse of faith in your favorite music, just look harder.

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1. Jaymes Young, Habits Of My Heart (Sharkoffs Remix)
Sharkoffs has been putting out a great bunch of DnB remixes to old pseudo-pop songs (like 'Bad Touch') and they're sounding really great. It's that whole feeling of nostalgia mixed in with great musicality that really gets to me. FREE DOWNLOAD.

2. Flux Pavilion, I Can't Stop (Urbanstep Remix)
This remix of the notorious track 'I Can't Stop' comes from Urbanstep and it's a really imaginative re-work of the original dubstep tune. A lot of the synths are chopped to fit in with the new higher tempo but the overall sound is still present. Great work. FREE DOWNLOAD.

3. Muzzy, Insignia
It's been 8 long months, and he's finally back. His sound has matured just a bit, and I'm happy to see that he has some new ideas, as well. The seamless transitions from trap to DnB are fantastic and keep you on your toes. Looking forward to hearing more.

4. Feint, One Last Time
Just as I have been waiting for Muzzy, I've been waiting just as long for Feint. I like Feint's return a little more, just because it really sticks to the DnB sound but sounds so much more inspired and refined. The sound is just so god damn awesome! NAME YOUR PRICE.

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5. Nujabes + Fat Jon, Mystline (s o l Remix)
s o l decided to do some really awesome tributes to Nujabes with some DnB edits, and this one in particular came out exceptionally well. The piano phenomenally arranged with the liquid bassline and the drums are subtle and crisp. This is a wonderful work and I'm sure Nujabes would be proud. FREE DOWNLOAD.

6. Rob Gasser, Taking Over feat. Miyoki
Another Monstercat alum, this time releasing on Fox Stevenson's Cloudhead Records. I loved Miyoki's vocals ever since I heard her on Insan3Lik3's album and this is no different. Her almost breathless voice is perfect for the amount of energy that DnB demands of its listeners. Rob Gasser should be bigger than he is, and this EP should help to prove that.

7. Andy C, Heartbeat Loud feat. Fiora
I have to apologize, this one is 10 days old. I'm really just sorry for myself that I even missed this. I knew Andy C would be releasing new music so I really should have been on the lookout for this one. It's absolutely wonderful.

8. Revolvr & Genisis, Unstoppable feat. Splitbreed (PIXL Remix)
This isn't exactly DnB, per se. I can't tell for sure, but it sounds like it's at least at 174 so I'm going to put it on the chart anyway. Is it a cop out? Maybe. Is it an awesome track? Definitely.

9. Protostar, Chances
Another Monstercat veteran, Protostar has finally found his preferred direction in music - a cross between the deep, heavy neuro sound of Noisia and the live instrumental prowess of Pendulum, this sound is infectious and promising. I can't wait to hear more.

10. Task Horizon, Weave The Strands
To be honest, I almost wasn't going to include this track until I heard the breakdown at 1:50. It's so clean and imaginative. Sometimes, that one element in a track makes the whole thing worth it.

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