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deadmau5 Becomes An Uber Driver And Picks Up Chicks In The Meowclaren

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deadmau5 Breaks All The Rules And Becomes An Uber Driver In Toronto

Ok, well maybe it was just one girl, but "chicks" has a much better ring to it... we digress.

When we announced deadmau5 signed up to be an Uber driver with his new Meowclaren 650s, naysayers were saying it couldn't be done.

"You can't be an Uber driver with only 2 seats," they said.

"Impossible! You need a car with four doors to be an Uber Driver," exclaimed the trolls.

But yet, somehow, someway, deadmau5 managed to become a marketing promotion  driver for Uber last night, taking to the streets of Toronto.

For those of you not familiar, Uber is an app that allows you to get a private car and driver-- it's cheaper than a taxi and just way tighter all around.

"What did he do?" you ask.

Well, he took one passenger to Chipotle.   And then he picked somebody up from 579 Richmond Street. Cool story, huh?

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And then he picked up some girl from a bar or something:

And will deadmau5 saw fuck the rules and do it again. Well, he just might:

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