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Dee-Brief with the EDM News

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EDM News

Dee-Brief comes with EDM news that deadmau5 will start his own EDM blogs, . Skrillex compares Thump/Vice to TMZ, deadmau5 makes a direct tweet to Stoney Roads, saying he doesn’t even read their shit and then cynically asks YourEDM and Dancing Astronaut if they have any writers to fire, since he at least has read their shit. This further validates any conclusions that on the contrary deadmau5 really does love reading “shit” EDM blogs.

deadmau5, will you write about the "sexy" female deadmau5 costume on your new blogWait, only if she were naked… right?

edm news

This brings me to an article that got a lot of traffic, "7 Most Tired Topics" within the EDM realm. Interesting and on point article that hopefully shuts down the know-it-alls and the people that always have something to say, just for the sake of being heard.

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edm news

Avicii has on-going health concerns as his management say that he is in Stockholm on the mend while he cancels all of his future gigs. I wish Tim a safe recovery and can’t wait to see a comeback for him.

Touching on a new style, the rave scene looks to a new term coined, "The Urban Yogi." The styles of lycra and Yoga have apparently just crossed over into the music scene.

This week’s updates were a bit brief but be sure to look next week. I will leave you with one of the tracks on our "Best Electro & Progressive House Chart,"

Stay in the fast lane, from LA to Tokyo.

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