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Dee-Brief: Quick Fix On EDM News

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EDM News


Paul Van Dyk

Tune into Dee-Brief weekly to get your quick fix of what the hell happened in EDM News.

Paul Van Dyk had an interview with Thump and had some strong opinions on the state of EDM today. To sum it up, the gist of PVD's comments were: DJ’s that press play are compared to wasting [cake] food, dance music has the power to bring all races together, and EDM is likened and could be more powerful than the Olympics.  PVD’s opinion does carry merit since he has seen the evolution of dance music. His stance hasn’t changed much since his album, “The Politics of Dancing” was released in 2001.

Doesn’t seem like PVD is the only one that thinks that push play DJ’s should actually DJ, so does Digital LAB, check out the interview.

It looks like Deadmau5 cleaned the foam at Amnesia and it may have been Paris’s…

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deadmau5 is cleaning up another mess, this time with Disney. Zimmerman is not backing down from Disney as they ensue in legal battles over trademark and music licensing. Who knew it would be a deadmau5 vs. Mickey Mouse?

Looks like deadmau5 and Dillon Francis’s reenactment of his RC Cola debacle proves that DF is now over it. I didn’t even know RC Cola was still around. Who would have thunk it?

Moving on to an interesting Industry Focus with Allegrio Riggio.

I‘ve heard of disc jockeys, video jockeys but never a light jockey. But Allegrio has put the term in great use and is a pro at it. Makes for an excuse to go to Vegas to see the light show!

Until next week, I am leaving you with a nice track: Pierce Fulton's "Kuaga".

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